Explainer Video Illustrations Services

Nowadays, when attention spans are getting shorter, and people’s expectation of receiving early gratification is getting higher, there’s no way people will spend time reading every word. This is why Explainer Video Illustration Services are getting so much attention nowadays.

For instance, consider a student preparing for the exam on the last day; s/he prefers to watch an explainer video with illustrations or animations rather than reading chunks of text.

People find it easier to interpret the visuals and do interesting guessing work rather than getting it all served on a platter. That’s what explainer video illustrations do. With their varied formats, these videos make complex content easy to understand.

You might be confused about which type would be most suitable for you. Well, let’s find out together!

Our Premium Explainer Video Illustrations Services

2D Illustrated Videos

A practical and fascinating way to communicate your brand’s message is through 2D animated videos. These videos compellingly bring your thoughts to life with animation and two-dimensional illustrations.

2D illustrated videos may capture the viewer’s attention and leave an impression that lasts, whether you’re telling a narrative, displaying a product, or explaining a problematic idea.

3D Illustrated Videos

3D graphic videos give depth and reality to your brand’s story. These videos use animation, and three-dimensional visuals to generate immersive experiences that draw in and hold viewers’ attention.

Three-dimensional illustrated videos have the power to enhance and make a lasting impression on your audience, whether you’re presenting a product from multiple perspectives or developing an online setting to be explored.

Whiteboard Animated Videos

These animated whiteboard videos simplify complex concepts by combining narration with real-time visuals that develop as the narrator discusses the topic. By engaging visual and auditory senses, whiteboard animated videos enhance audience retention and comprehension, making them an effective tool for explaining intricate concepts clearly and engagingly.

Corporate/Promotional Videos

Our corporate and promotional videos are made to effectively present your brand’s values, products, and services. These videos can help you connect persuasively with your audience and increase engagement, whether it’s about introducing a new product, showcasing your company’s success stories, or sharing customer testimonials.

Live-Action Video Illustrations

Live-action explainer video illustrations create visually pleasing and vibrant elements by merging actual footage with graphic components. With the help of these videos, you may tell fascinating stories while efficiently conveying tricky concepts in a way that viewers will recall. 

For any video production—commercial, product demo, or brand documentary—live-action video illustrations may give your work a more innovative and powerful touch.

‘How-to’ Illustrated Video Guides

How-to animated guides are instructional videos that use storytelling and step-by-step visuals to lead viewers along a specific task or process. These videos work wonders when conveying challenging concepts or clearly demonstrating the features of products. 

Whether you’re doing troubleshooting videos, tutorials, or some do-it-yourself instructions, your audience is going to benefit from illustrated instructional tips.

Stop Motion Explainer Videos

Our stop motion explainer videos combine several images or graphics to give a sense of movement. These vintage and appealing videos have a feeling of creativity and skillfulness. 

For selling products, telling tales, or delivering brand messages in an unique and memorable way, stop motion explainer movies are ideal.

Screencast Illustrated Videos

Screencast animated videos use animations or graphics to highlight important features or points while capturing the activity on a computer screen. 

These movies offer audiences a hands-on learning experience in a visual manner, making them perfect for computer software presentations, app tutorials, or e-learning courses.

Gadgets/Product Explainer Videos

The purpose of our gadgets and product explainer movies is to highlight the qualities, benefits, and potential of a specific product. These videos showcase the product’s USPs and show how the target market can benefit from it by meeting needs or solving problems.

Gadgets and product explainer videos are able to increase visibility and sales, no matter if you’re introducing a fresh item or marketing an old one.

Brand Introduction Videos

These illustrated videos introduce your brand and summarize its roots, goals, core values, and products or services. These videos aim to connect with potential customers while showcasing your business to new audiences. 

Whether it’s about rebranding an old company or starting a new one, brand introduction videos may help you establish credibility with your audience and create a lasting first impression.

Motion Graphic Videos

Motion graphic videos use text, sound, and animated visuals to clearly and vividly tell a story or deliver information. These movies are incredibly adaptable and may be utilized for a wide range of projects, such as social media posts, explanation videos, and promotional videos. 

Motion graphic videos are a powerful tool for drawing viewers in, explaining difficult concepts, and encouraging interaction with your business.

Understand the Journey And Be a Part of It!

Our journey starts with a deep dive into understanding your brand’s essence, goals, and target audience. We strongly emphasise creativity, effective interaction, and attention to detail throughout this process to ensure that every part of your project meets or beyond your expectations.

Briefs Up for Understanding

We start the process by getting thorough briefings and necessary details from you. These briefs, which outline their needs, preferences, and tastes, form the framework of our understanding. 

We ensure that our work appropriately reflects your vision by providing the artwork that exceeds their expectations. And this is the first step towards this journey.

Designing Script

After completely understanding your brand’s goals and desires from this project, we start writing the project’s script. Our skilled writers precisely draft and structure the story to successfully communicate the desired message and captivate the intended audience.

Crafting a Layout

Once the writers are done with the script part, we start designing the project’s layout. This involves structuring the presentation of the contents and organizing the parts to ensure readability, consistency, and aesthetic appeal. Our designers engage closely with you to produce layouts that both mesmerize and effectively deliver your message.

Video Illustration

With the ready layout, our team of illustrators works on bringing the project to life through captivating visuals. Using a blend of artistic skills and digital tools, we create illustrations that enhance the narrative, evoke emotion, and capture the audience’s attention.

Voicing Over

We team up with professional voice artists simultaneously to record the project’s voiceover. Our voice actors elevate the overall impact of the video while enhancing the viewing experience by adding depth, character, and authenticity to the screenplay.

Animating and Inserting Music

After the audio and illustrations are done, we animate the video and insert music to further enhance the flow of the story. Our animators give the illustrations life by producing dynamic visuals that captivate the viewer and communicate the message. Aside from that, well-chosen audio tracks accentuate the emotional impact of the video and set the tone for the story.

On-time Delivery

To guarantee that the final product is delivered on time, we put efficiency and professionalism first at every stage of the process. Our committed staff puts in endless effort to fulfill deadlines without sacrificing quality, giving our clients an effortless and stress-free experience.

Partner with Our Explainer Video Illustrations Company to Unlock Your Brand's Potential

Increased Lead Generation

We strategically design content that resonates with your target audience, compelling them to take action and become potential leads for your business. By leveraging engaging visuals and persuasive storytelling, we captivate viewers’ attention and guide them towards conversion, effectively boosting lead generation for your brand.

Better Digital Visibility

By employing industry best practices in SEO and social media marketing, we ensure that your videos are easily discoverable by your target audience, maximising your reach and exposure in the digital landscape.

High Return on Your Investment

Our focus is on delivering exceptional value and results for your investment in explainer video illustrations. We help you achieve your business objectives through creative execution, and strategic distribution.

Authentic Creations

At  our leading explainer video illustrations company, authenticity is at the core of everything we do. We take the time to understand your brand identity, values, and messaging, ensuring that our videos authentically reflect your brand’s unique personality and story. We create authentic and compelling videos that resonate with your audience, building trust and credibility for your brand.

Friendly across Various Devices

With responsive design and smooth navigation, we optimise our videos for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, allowing your audience to engage with your content wherever they are. By prioritizing accessibility and usability, we enhance the viewing experience, maximizing engagement and retention.

Our Professionalism is Our Specialty

Elevate your brand’s market presence with Avoir Design’s tailored explainer video illustration services!

At Avoir Design, we’re not just another design and illustration agency. We’re a hub of creativity where dull narratives transform into captivating visual stories. Our expert illustrators craft visual masterpieces that resonate with your audience and convey your brand’s value.

Experienced Professionals

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals in visualisation, storytelling, and animation. With years of experience in the field, we offer immense expertise and knowledge to every project, ensuring excellent outcomes that go above and beyond all our clients.

Affordable & Transparent Pricing

We believe in providing quality explainer video illustration services that should be available to businesses of all sizes, and we do this by offering fair and reasonable pricing for our services. With no additional costs or surprises, our pricing is clear-cut and transparent, enabling our clients to safely and successfully manage their budgets.

Flexible Revisions

Our primary goal is client pleasure, so we provide flexible adjustments to make sure you are satisfied with the ultimate outcome. Through close interaction with our clients, we embrace their feedback and make necessary adjustments until the final product fulfils their vision and goals.

Easily Shareable File Formats

We understand the importance of easily shareable file formats due to convenience. That’s why we deliver our explainer video illustrations in formats compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms, making it simple for our clients to share their videos with for their target audience.

High-Resolution Videos

We take great satisfaction in producing aesthetically pleasing and expertly edited high-resolution videos. Our videos preserve their quality and sharpness, whether viewed on a large display or a mobile device, giving our customers and their audience a visually stimulating experience.


Trust us to boost your market visibility and forge deeper connections with your audience. Get in touch with us today!