Top 7 Illustration Agencies in India 

If you think content is all you need for successful content, then you’re highly mistaken. Your large chunks of content often repel your audience. You may not know, but your audience needs help connecting and finding interest due to poor visualisation. Good illustration retains them to explore your works, fostering solid credibility.  

Illustration, simply a form of art, depicts more than just strokes and pixels in today’s world. Be it a simple website, landing page, blog, magazine, book, video game, or any form of content, illustrations elevate the user experience multifold.  

Graphic designing in India has significantly evolved in recent years. As of today, there are approximately 999+ agencies in India. Numerous Professional Illustration Agencies in the Market sell their services and claim to be the best of all. But how many keep their word?  

We understand that one can only visit some websites; thus, we are here to provide you with an honest and completely transparent review of India’s top 7 illustration agencies. Let’s get started! 

Factors that Make an Illustration Agency Best in the Market 

There must be some criteria for shortlisting agencies. One can’t arbitrarily choose any agency and claim it as #1. A list of factors must exhibit dedication to efforts and excellence in outcomes. Elements like these are essential to consider while narrowing down the finest agencies.

1. Expertise 

The top illustration agency needs extreme precision and expertise in services like illustrations and graphic design to meet your business needs. This element allows an illustration agency to ensure that each design suits your business’s aesthetics and target customers.  

2. Consistency 

Consistency in quality and expertise is vital when looking for the perfect illustration design services. Their consistency will also mean your consistent brand voice and identity. Your illustrator will represent your company’s personality. There’s always room for improvement; thus, you should look for consistency over perfection.  

3. Success Stories

The best illustration agency in India prioritises client satisfaction. Their portfolio and client testimonials will speak volumes about their performance. Explore and analyse their performance across various projects, businesses and industries in their portfolio. This lets you know their versatility as well as skill sets. 

4. Collaboration 

Best design projects are not the outcome of a single man’s work. Rigorous background work requires numerous individuals who are the finest at their work. There is always a complete team’s hard work behind a successful team. Often, agencies also collaborate with field experts. Thus, it is essential to prioritise collaborative factors when judging an illustration company in India. 

List of the Top 7 Illustration Agencies in India 

1. Avoir Design Studios 

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Let’s start with India’s top choice in illustration agencies, Avoir Design Studio. It stands out in creating unique digital illustrations and animation. This stands out as our first choice as it creates phenomenal portrait, book, vector, and brand illustrations, along with engaging explainer video illustrations.  

Avoir and its professional designers are known for offering the best illustration services. Their services are not limited to publishing illustrations; they also create effective layout designs for magazines, brochures, and books.  

Avoir’s commitment to personalised solutions, skilled team, and a keen eye for detail make them a leading choice in the Indian illustration sector. 

2. Illustration X Design Agency 

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This illustration company ranks second in our top 7 in India due to its creative and diverse styles. It stands out for its artistic excellence and versatility and caters to clients’ distinct requirements and preferences across India. Illustration X’s services and designers are highly seasoned in 2D, 3D, and children’s animation.  

In addition, Illustration X’s professional designers create high-quality explainer videos, gifs, motion graphics, etc. Its portfolio showcases a solid commitment to artistic excellence and customer satisfaction, thus making it a preferred choice for those seeking contemporary and dynamic illustration solutions.  

3. PRAKRIA Illustration Agency 


With over two decades of experience illustrating masterpieces, PRAKRIA specialises in bringing concepts to life with mesmerising visual effects in every story. PRAKRIA, standing in third position among our top illustration agencies in India, portrays its brilliance in its art form. Be it simple portrait illustrations or highly complicated animated videos, PRAKRIA never seems to disappoint.  

They excel in creating characters, landscapes, and ideas that engage and captivate audiences. Their attention to detail and narrative approach infuse brands with personality and charm. They stand out for their versatile artistic approach, making them a strong contender in the illustration sector.  

4. MoonEye Design House 


If you’re looking for a design team specialising in designing highly detailed and exciting illustrations for children’s books, MoonEye Design House is your answer. Taking fourth place in our list of top 7, MoonEye offers versatile services, including caricature, concept art, and comic book illustrations, to fulfil distinct storytelling needs.  

What sets this design house apart is its knack for crafting vivid and engaging visual narratives that reflect your brand while establishing a deep connection with young audiences. Their approach to illustration combines a personalised touch with a deep understanding of storytelling, ensuring captivating results for every project. 

5. Prayan Animation 


Listed among the top illustration agencies in India, Prayan Animation is famous for its impressive children’s book illustrations and comic book art. They offer various services, including 2D and 3D animations, explainer videos, and NFT digital art.  

Prayan’s design team is known for its high-quality, creative work. Their blend of creative art with the latest tools and technology brings stories to life. Their commitment to excellence in content and style makes them a go-to choice for various illustration needs. 

6. Tiffin Box Illustration Studio 

Tiffinbox’s diverse portfolio covers everything from branding to customised digital work for clients. It secures the sixth position on our top agencies list and is recognised for its dynamic approach to communication design and illustration.  

Tiffinbox’s services also include educational and environmental projects, making complicated content easy to interpret. Its strength is creating thought-provoking illustrations that effectively convey complex messages, making it a distinctive player in India’s illustration scene. 

7. Small Town Folk 

In this handpicked list of mind-blowing illustration companies in India, there has to be a game-changing entry at the end. Thus, as the final choice in our list, Small-Town Folk’s top-notch illustration and animation services are our go-to choice for anyone looking for the same. They offer services in various areas, like strategy, branding, and design, including brand strategy, identity design, and creative strategy.  

Well, that’s not it! Small Town Folk’s services also extend to packaging, experiential, and motion design, showcasing their absolute grasp in elevating brands. This agency is known for its commitment to bringing new ideas to rejuvenate the traditional, marking its status as a unique player in the national illustration industry.  

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